[BREAKING NEWS] The Music Modernization Act was signed to Law By President Donald Trump Along KidRock, mercyme, Mike Love, and many more | 11, October 2018

Along KidRock, mercyme, Mike Love, and many more | 11, October 2018

[BREAKING NEWS] The Music Modernization Act was signed to Law By President Donald Trump Along , , Mike Love, and many more | 11, October 2018

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President Donald Trump talks nearby Kid Rock and Sam Moore preceding marking the Hatch-Goodlatte Music Modernization Act at the White House on Oct. 11, 2018 in Washington, DC.

The Music Modernization Act was marked into law on Thursday by a plainly rich President Trump. “I’ve been perusing about this for a long time and never thought I’d be associated with it, however I got engaged with it,” he said of the noteworthy enactment, which go with consistent help in the two councils of Congress following quite a while of endeavors by the music business and legislators.

At the marking service, Trump was encompassed by a sprinkling of strong specialists including Kid Rock, John Rich and Mike Love, alongside the two Republican administrators whose names are authoritatively appended to the law, Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah and Rep. Weave Goodlatte of Virginia.

While Trump thanked individuals from the business in participation, he just specified one official: Recording Academy Neil Portnow, whom he alluded to as “large stuff.” Short addresses were conveyed by a few of the specialists, including Rock, Rich, Love and soul legend Sam Moore.

President Donald Trump and Kid Rock amid in a Signing Ceremony for H.R. 1551, the “Orrin G. Bring forth Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act”


Here are the official responses to the new law from key executives and associations:

  1. Mitch Glazier, RIAA president: “The Music Modernization Act is presently the rule that everyone must follow, and a huge number of musicians and specialists are better for it. The outcome is a music advertise better established on reasonable rivalry and reasonable pay. The establishment of this law shows what music makers and computerized administrations can do when we cooperate cooperatively to propel a commonly valuable motivation. It’s an incredible day for music. We trust fans the nation over will join with us in festivity and PLAY IT LOUD.”

  2. David Israelite, NMPA president and CEO: “The Music Modernization Act is at long last the tradition that must be adhered to. We are unbelievably appreciative for the Members of Congress who passed the MMA and the President for marking it. Musicians have for a really long time worked without seeing reasonable rates and getting everything that they merit, and without precedent for history, the music business has joined forces with the tech business to settle these foundational issues. As we leave on supporting and helping manufacture the basic structures inside the MMA, we are lowered by the remarkable advancement impelled by bargain and the uncommon political inclusion of music makers. Today is about their future and this bill remains as an awesome proclamation on what should be possible when we cooperate.”
  3. Neil Portnow, Recording Academy president and CEO: “As we commend the concordance and solidarity that got us here, we extol the endeavors of the a large number of entertainers, lyricists, and studio experts who revitalized for memorable change to guarantee all music makers are remunerated reasonably when their work is utilized by advanced and satellite music administrations,” he said in an announcement. “We thank the individuals from Congress who advocated this issue all through the previous quite a long while to bring music law into the 21st century.”

  4. Elizabeth Matthews, ASCAP CEO: “On account of the unwavering endeavors of our ASCAP music maker and distributor individuals, industry accomplices and champions in Congress, a more practical future for lyricists is at last inside reach. The MMA‘s consistent entry in the House and Senate demonstrates that the intensity of music is an extraordinary unifier. ASCAP is pleased to have remained close by makers, music distributers, and numerous more to make this fantasy a reality.”
  5. Paul Williams, ASCAP administrator of the board and president: “A youthful musician once kept in touch with, ‘You give a little love and everything returns to you; You’re going to be associated with the things that you say and do.’ Decades later, this couldn’t be all the more obvious. Musicians over this nation now and later on will recollect the individuals who contended so energetically for the Music Modernization Act—both in Congress and over the music business. In the interest of the music network, we are so grateful for the love and will furnish a proportional payback with music for ages to come.”

  6. Mike O’Neill, BMI president and CEO: “This is genuinely a noteworthy minute for the music business, particularly for the American musicians and arrangers at its center, who will see huge and merited advantage from this enactment. Section of the Orrin G. Bring forth Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act was a hard-battled process that relied on enormous coordinated effort and uncommon help among different partners who at last joined to protect the eventual fate of music. We are delighted by this uncommon result that perceives the basic commitments of makers and streamlines the utilization of their music crosswise over organizations. While BMI will continue upholding to ensure the job of music makers in the advanced age, we express gratitude toward Congress and the President for making this imperative stride in actualizing the most significant music permitting change in decades.”
  7. John Josephson, executive/CEO of SESAC: “Today, President Trump marked the bi-fanatic Hatch-Goodlatte Music Modernization Act (The MMA), which will at last bring music copyright laws into the advanced age. We praise everybody’s diligent work and resolute endeavors on this enactment, particularly the Senators who worked industriously to get the bill passed then received by the House. We’re appreciative for our submitted songwriting and distributing network whose concentration and energy have fortified our industry for ages to come.”

  8. Michael Huppe, SoundExchange president and CEO: “With the present marking of the Music Modernization Act, we check a noteworthy achievement. Be that as it may, all the more essentially, we check what it implies. For makers, it implies getting paid all the more reasonably. For the individuals who recorded music before 1972, it implies confirmation you’ll get paid for your work. For musicians, distributers and makers it implies making the advanced economy work for you. SoundExchange’s 170,000-part network was a main thrust in getting the bill from the lobbies of Congress to the White House. At the point when the music business talks with one voice, Congress tunes in. I ask you to remain dynamic in light of the fact that there is considerably more work to be done before we can really say all music makers are dealt with decently.”
  9. Michelle Lewis and Kay Hanley, Songwriters of North America (SONA) official executives: “SONA and its participation of working musicians might want to express ardent on account of Congress and to our kindred music business partners for achieving what everybody thought was incomprehensible: Compromise, agreement, and entry of the Orrin G Hatch – Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act. As President Trump signs our bill into law, today denotes another earth shattering occasion in the rich history of music and the general population who make it.”

  10. Dina LaPolt, author/proprietor, LaPolt Law: “Music’s bringing together power helped contradicting networks reach crosswise over partisan loyalties to pass the Music Modernization Act with consistent congressional help. The President’s last signature presently cherishes the MMA in U.S. law, ensuring music makers for ages to come. I couldn’t be more pleased with SONA and every one of the musicians who connected with the whole music maker network to help get this over the line! Presently the genuine work starts!”

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  1. Horacio Gutierrez, Spotify general guidance: “One of our center missions at Spotify is to empower a million craftsmen to bring home the bacon from what they adore: making and performing music. The Music Modernization Act is an enormous advance towards making that a reality, modernizing the obsolete permitting framework to suit the computerized world we live in. The MMA will profit the music network and make a more straightforward and streamlined way to deal with music authorizing and installment for craftsmen.”

  2. Keith Kupferschmid, Copyright Alliance CEO: “The Copyright Alliance acknowledges the President marking the MMA into law today, and lauds and thanks individuals from Congress, various Copyright Alliance individuals, and companions of the music network for their help of this basic enactment. It’s genuinely noteworthy for any reason or bill to unite everybody in a bipartisan manner, particularly a bill as unpredictable and extensive as this one. In any case, that is exactly what occurred with the Music Modernization Act. The ability to trade off, and work with other people who may have contending or distinctive interests, in the particular exertion to get this imperative copyright enactment passed was commendable and rousing.”
  3. Michael Eames, Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) president; Alisa Coleman, AIMP New York Executive Director; and John Ozier, AIMP Nashville Executive Director: “Today denotes a noteworthy advance forward for free music distributers, musicians, and the whole music industry, as President Trump has marked the Hatch Goodlatte Music Modernization Act (MMA) into law. This denotes the primary noteworthy government enactment since 1998’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to address the requirements of rights-holders in the present online age. We can anticipate an assortment of long-past due changes that will make it less demanding to consult for and gather reasonable eminence rates while likewise building up for the last time that advanced administrations must pay for the utilization of pre-1972 accounts. Likewise, it guarantees autonomous distributers and lyricists a seat at the table for the new mechanical permitting aggregate. The AIMP is focused on guaranteeing that the free distributing network and lyricists are spoken to decently in the usage and authorization of the MMA, and we anticipate working with our accomplices over the music and innovation enterprises as we push forward in this new time. We offer our genuine appreciation to David Israelite and his group at NMPA, to the NSAI and SONA, to Senator Orrin Hatch and Congressmen Bob Goodlatte and Doug Collins, and to all gatherings from all sides who battled to give an adjusted result to all included.”

  4. James Donio, Music Business Association president: “The Music Business Association hails and praises its individuals and esteemed accomplices over the business on their exceptional and phenomenal endeavors to convey the notable Music Modernization Act to realization. What a stunning accomplishment for makers and their business accomplices to have met up in solidarity, and joined with Congress, to make long late copyright change a reality. This is the beginning of an energizing new time for the whole business of music. Bravo!”
  5. Chris Harrison, Digital Media Association (DiMA) CEO: “The Music Modernization Act moves the music business into the spilling age and advantages buyers, makers and copyright proprietors. A cutting edge industry requires an advanced arrangement. The MMA at long last brings our music permitting laws into the 21st century and guarantees more prominent straightforwardness and productivity over the whole music environment. This notable enactment has been 10 years really taking shape. DiMA, and its gushing part organizations, are glad to have initiated this procedure from beginning to end. Cooperating with our industry accomplices and legislators, we trust the production of another, cutting edge framework will give better clearness and advantage distributers, musicians, specialists, record marks, and computerized services…. The Music Modernization Act closes old contentions of the past.

  6. The Mercy Me: No matter what side of the aisle you may lean towards politically, today was a great day for anyone who loves music!!! The Music Modernization Act has officially become a law & every songwriter wins “bigly” Thankful to all the representatives & senators who worked together to make this happen. Thankful to be in such a historical room to witness history in the making!!! Thanks @realdonaldtrump & @vp

Below is the post from MercyME via Instagram:


Components of the “Reasonable Play Fair Pay Act”, H.R. 1836, presented on March 30, 2017 by Rep. Jerrold Nadler were added to this Title. The Fair Play Fair Pay Act had been intended to blend how sovereignties were paid by earthbound radio supporters and Internet spilling administrations. Under past law, musicians and arrangers would get mechanical permit eminences for radio play, yet the performing specialists would not be paid as the utilization of melodies on the radio was considered “limited time”. The Fair Play Fair Pay Act had included dialect that would enable chronicle craftsmen to get execution eminences. Nonetheless, these parts of the Fair Play Fair Pay Act were excluded in the consolidated Music Modernization Act.

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