[FRESH NEWS] Kelly Hansome – “If Don Jazzy Didn’t Lock Me Up, He Should Speak Out”

[FRESH NEWS] Kelly Hansome - “If Don Jazzy Didn’t Lock Me Up, He Should Speak Out”

[FRESH NEWS] Kelly Hansome – “If Don Jazzy Didn’t Lock Me Up, He Should Speak Out”

It came as a discourteous stun to good music lovers when Kelechi Orji, prevalently known as Kelly Hansome, earlier accused Don Jazzy for locking him up for doing a cover of a song.

“The Maga Don Pay” vocalist shared the story on his Instagram page while celebrating a soldier friend’s birthday.

Talking with Sunday Scoop, he expressed that he didn’t have the goal to uncover the data however all he said was valid.

He stated, “It was when Don Jazzy arrested me that I met the warrior I specified in my post. I needed to wish him a glad birthday and I recalled the occasion. I figure individuals were shocked on the grounds that they felt Don Jazzy couldn’t do such a demonstration. For what reason would you bolt up your sibling for doing a front of a melody? The track was titled, “I’m Feeling Good”, by 2baba highlighting D’banj, while Don Jazzy delivered it. In the event that he is glad for what he did, he ought to react.”

Hansome additionally expressed that Charlie Boy could vouch for what he was stating, as he was one of the general population who helped him. He stated, “I marked an embraced and they distributed it online with my mark. They guaranteed I was safeguarded with N500, 000 yet that is false. I didn’t put out the melody; it was released on the web. They even advised the police to put a workstation staring me in the face with the goal that individuals would think I was a yahoo kid (Internet fraudster).”

As indicated by him, the exact opposite thing he would do is to start peace chats with Don Jazzy since he was the person who had wronged him.

He stated, “I couldn’t care less about gathering him or settling things. He is a maker; I am a maker as well. On the off chance that he purchases seven houses and I get one, it is a similar bed we will think about. I don’t need numerous houses to be fulfilled as an individual. I wish he would acknowledge that he went too far by imprisoning me yet he won’t do that in light of pride. You can just trick individuals for some time, not for eternity. He would have said something on the off chance that I was telling a lye, yet he didn’t concede or say a word since it was valid. I am certain on the off chance that he turns out to deny it, Charlie Boy will talk.”

Kelly likewise demanded that he had never been near Don Jazzy and knew just minimal about him.

“I have not done anything with him previously but rather he went to my birthday party which was sorted out by Baba Keke in Lagos and he indicated me adore. Be that as it may, securing me a unique hostile to burglary cell indicated he couldn’t have cared less about me,” he kept up.

He, nonetheless, rejected cases that he had left music, uncovering that he as of late dropped an EP, 4Play.

He expressed, “I just dropped an EP and I am dealing with more tunes. I live in America yet a great many people don’t have the foggiest idea about this. I just come to Nigeria when I have to deal with specific things. Aside from music, I have different things I do. I have a little girl to deal with and I am the main child of my folks.”

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