Sex-for-marks: OAU sacks Prof, Richard Akindele

The Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife has sacked Professor Richard Akindele for supposedly requesting sex from Monica Osagie to overhaul her stamp.

Day by day POST reports that Richard Akindele, a Professor in the Department of Accounting, in the foundation was asserted to have approached a female understudy for sex keeping in mind the end goal to help her pass exams.

Be that as it may, the Vice Chancellor of the school, Eyitope Ogunbodede on Wednesday declared the sack of the instructor at a question and answer session in Ife.

Ogunbodede said the Governing Council discovered Professor Akindele blameworthy of the considerable number of charges against him.

He said that the University Senate at its gathering on June 14 considered the council’s finding that Akindele had an improper association with his understudy.

As indicated by him, this was built up through their discussion in the sound account, his answer to the inquiry, the oral proof and the printed ‘WhatsApp discussions’ offered before the board of trustees.

The bad habit chancellor said Akindele had acted in a way that traded off his situation as an educator and inspector in that his discussions with Osagie were about examination scores and prompting of support for the adjustment of examination scores.

Ogunbodede stated: “He offered to change Miss Osagie’s indicated “33%” result to a pass check in thought for sexual favors; this was set up in the sound chronicle which he conceded.

“His claim that Miss Osagie realized that she had gone with a score of ’45’ however was looking to score ‘An’ and that this prompted him being sexually bothered by Miss Osagie can’t be upheld by any confirmation.

“Educator Akindele’s activities in asking for sexual favors from Miss Osagie to change her examination scores was shocking conduct that has conveyed disparagement to the name of the college and has discolored the notoriety of the college, as it depicts the college as an establishment where its instructors and inspectors exchange marks for sexual favors.

“From the confirmation, Miss Osagie had no clue that she scored ’45’, a pass stamp as later asserted by Professor Akindele, in spite of the fact that she later discovered she didn’t fizzle the course.

“Educator Akindele’s claim that he revealed Miss Osagie’s ‘provocation’ to his partners can’t be upheld by any confirmation as the entirety of his associates denied it and one specified that she just discussed the issue with him after the sound account was discharged over the web.

“Educator Akindele worked in a place of intensity and expert over Miss Osagie and in that capacity sexually pestered her.

“Educator Akindele was obligated for every one of the assertions of unfortunate behavior leveled against him.”

The bad habit chancellor said the Senate prescribed that Akindele, having been discovered obligated on every one of the assertions against him, ought to be rejected from the administrations of the college.

“The Council, at its gathering of today, Wednesday, twentieth of June, 2018, having thought about the suggestion of Senate, and also the report of the Joint Committee of Council and Senate, chose that Professor Richard I. Akindele ought to be rejected from the administrations of the college for net wrongdoing.

“The college has likewise found a way to guarantee the aggregate end of Sexual Harassment (SH) in the OAU people group.

“The college has a legitimate obligation to forestall sexual and sex based badgering inside the foundation and guarantee that the two people are shielded from this danger; and accordingly give helpful condition to educating and learning,” he said.

Ogunbodede said keeping in mind the end goal to make favorable condition for educating and taking in, the college was making more mindfulness and spreading data on what constitutes inappropriate behavior inside the college.

He said the veracity of inappropriate behavior ideas incorporates sexual requesting and advances, sex misuse, prostitution, enchantment, pimping, rape, undesirable contacting, indecent sexual jokes and assault among others.

Ogunbodede said that OAU was completely dedicated to the destruction of sexual and different kinds of badgering from the college and would do every one of that was conceivable to check the hazard from the beginning.

OAU has zero resistance for lewd behavior and as a prestigious college will do everything humanly conceivable to keep up the principles and controls of the college,” he said.

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