{HOT VIDEO} Banky W – Run After You Ft Nonso Amadi

Banky W – Run After You Ft Nonso Amadi

Do you ever consider the way that there aren’t an excessive number of festivities of Married life on Music Television? There’s a great deal of attaching and twerking, and a ton of dating, fulfilling and being a tease… and there are a WHOLE parcel of proposition and-wedding day music recordings.. in any case, there aren’t excessively numerous festivals of the wedded life that comes thereafter. We only sort of, concentrate such a great amount on the big day itself, and accept, trust and ask that they lived cheerfully ever after.


In the “Running After U” tune, I attempted to recount the narrative of how my significant other and I got together. In any case, 24 hours before we shot the video, I chose I needed to utilize the video to praise the entire trip of marriage. Thus I radically modified the first throwing plans a minute ago, and called up the entirety of my wedded companions who were around the local area, to come hang out on set, have a great time together, and praise the choice to endeavor this thing assembled life. The trip of marriage isn’t generally simple, yet with the perfect individual, each progression winds up justified, despite all the trouble.


On the off chance that there’s one idea I’d like for individuals to take away, it’s that… Nobody’s ideal, however you can be ideal for each other – you simply need to discover somebody worth striving for. Run after her, at that point keep running with her, until the point that you overcome “perpetually” together. And keeping in mind that you endeavor to do this, bear in mind to have some good times.


Right away (read this part in a-Banky-W-the-have with-the-most-kind of-voice-with-Charles-Okocha’s promotion man)


Women and Gentlemen!! (- refined men)


Highlighting the staggeringly skilled Nonso Amadi (that kid is a genius)!!! ( – virtuoso)


Featuring a portion of my astounding companions!!! (… who were sufficiently caring and accessible in the nation at last to favor us with the most amaaaazing appearances!!)


Extraordinary shoutout to Osas and Gbenro, Captain and Toolz, Egbon Steve and Yetunde, Noble and Chioma, Aurelien and Tosyn, Papi J and Kaffy, Ik and Olo!!! (- chiiii!!!)


Extraordinary shoutout to whatever is left of my companions who extremely needed to go along with us yet couldn’t make it!!


Much obliged to you to @iamdubson, the artist who won my #LoveUBaby video challenge, for giving us a chance to expedite you set to impart your stunning ability to the world once more. Much obliged to you to every one of our models and artists, particularly Taragold and Natasha.


Much obliged to you to my DOP Mattia, my illustrator Tise, my co-Producer Debola, the phenomenal group on set, and everybody in-house and no more astounding previous record-mark turned-media-organization combination in Nigeria, EME.


What’s more, to wrap things up, thank you to my motivation, Susu, the entire reason that the melody was conceivable in any case.


Coordinated by yours genuinely, Mr Banky Wellington, and made in Lagos, Nigeria, – please watch and offer the “Pursuing U” Music Video.


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