Fake Beggar Arrested in Uganda

Another Fake beggar arrested in Uganda, after a friend saw him at a spot and reported him to Uganda Police as he faked amputated hand at entrance of Mukwano Arcade.

The presume distinguished as Shafik Bakulu Mpagi was captured by Mini Price Police following a tip off from his dear companion who saw him asking at the passageway of Mukwano Arcade with a faked cut off hand.

Police surged at the scene and requested him to expel the fabrics he had secured his hand with and all the bypassers were stunned.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire said Mpagi has been covering his hand with messy mats faking to be cut off keeping in mind the end goal to gather as much cash as he can from the clueless sympathizers.

“There are various individuals that profess to be destitute through asking in the city simply an indistinguishable path from Mpagi has been doing along these lines kind hearted and good natured individuals are in risk of being misdirected,” Owoyesigyire said.

Mpagi uncovered that he had been into the asking business for three months saying he was acquiring 20000 Uganda shillings regular particularly from regions of tropical Mall and Mukwano Arcade and ascribed this demonstration to joblessness.

Mpagi an occupant of Kisenyi, Muzana Zone is presently kept at Mini Price Police Station and accused of open irritation vide SD 21/24/06/2018.

Police were reacting to a spike in the quantity of phony homeless people working in the city.

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